Sphere Identity – Branding the future

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Sphere Identity removes borders. They make things easy, simple, seamless. Their vision is that international transactions for trade, work, learning and living are secure, safe and border-less. 

Sphere Identity developed a mobile app and a software system to connect businesses with their customers in an easy and safe way.


The brand had to have a certain seriousness. Similar to a bank it had to be trustworthy and knowledgeable. The product is concerning sensitive data and people and businesses want to be ensured it’s treated as such. The tone-of-voice had to be somewhat formal and matter-of-fact.


Sphere Identity is liberating global citizen and companies by removing digital borders to make things easy and seamless. Ease of use and functionality are vital for this product. Navigation should be intuitive. Instructions need to be short and to the point.


Sphere Identity doesn't follow the beaten track. They are visionaries, always asking, is there another way? The app is using the safest technologies and if they can’t find what they need to ensure the best possible outcome for their users –
They build it from scratch.