The Rental Bureau – Great tenants. Happy landlords.

The idea and a name was there, but The Rental Bureau needed a face to go with the philosophy.

Many property management offers around are quite complex, so this small West Auckland based start up is making it easy for tenants and landlords alike. 

The Rental Bureau’s approach is “keep it simple”. Hence the main driver for the brand development was – simple.

Making it easy to understand that The Rental Bureau is not about renting cars or hubbies, the main visual mark is a house. Build out of a simple triangle, this house can also become a visually striking pattern. It stands for all the unique homes The Rental Bureau represents in this wonderfully diverse city of Auckland.

There is a disagreement whether the primary colour is a warm red or a burned orange. But never mind the name, it is nice to have a bit of variety in the predominantly blue world of property management. 

With a range of secondary colours on hand, the brand can easily be toned up or down to suit every occasion. 

Graphic elements are simple vector shapes, illustrations and icons. This gives great flexibility in visualising content and is keeping the cost down.

Today The Rental Bureau is well established, going strong and growing steadily winning one award after another. 

Watch this space. Everything is possible with these guys. Growing their business with a simple but effective brand.